Are you interested in a digital review?

One of the first things to consider on the route to digital marketing success is to assess where you are now and what your business objectives are by undertaking a digital review. Our review should only take about 15 minutes to complete, and is developed to help business and marketing executives reach the right decisions in the right order for their situation.

Before you get started you just need to spend a few minutes thinking about:

  • what digital technologies such as web, mobile, email and databases you currently use to communicate with customers and prospects
  • how you measure digital success
  • any barriers that may prevent digital growth, such as time, money etc
  • what you'd like to achieve

Now you are ready to conduct your digital review.
Please call 01245 330360 or use our contact us form - one of our digital team can work with you to complete the digital review face-to-face or over the telephone just let us know what's best.

Don’t get overly concerned about completing the review - it's designed to assess the current situation and get you thinking digitally. Remember, digital marketing is about people communicating with other people. The technology – the bit in the middle that makes it happen – is our concern; our technical experts and software development team are ready and waiting to create workable digital solutions for you.

For further information take a look at our digital marketing area which includes: digital consultancy, digital technologies and digital tools.